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After Care


Thank you for choosing KT DRAGON to create a work of art on your body. We take the utmost pride in the tattoos we create, so we ask that the aftercare instructions are performed accordingly to these instructions. Remember, with every great tattoo, aftercare plays 50% of the outcome. Please read carefully to ensure the best outcome for your tattoo.

When you arrive home:

  1. Remove saran wrap (Leave on for a maximum of 3 hours) 

  2. Clean hands very well/use gloves

  3. Gently wash new tattoo with mild soap (Make sure to thoroughly lather area to avoid any risk of infection) 

  4. Use clean paper towel to dab off excess water

  5. Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor/Hustle Butter over the new tattoo

  6. Clean for the next 3 days 3-4 times then apply non scented lotion


Things to Avoid with a new Tattoo:

-Shellfish (an allergic reaction could cause keloids/potential scarring over new tattoo)

-Direct sunlight/heat

-Soaking in water for long periods of time (river, lakes, beaches, pools baths) 

-Scratching/picking at scabs (let scabs fall off naturally)

-Touching/allowing others to touch new tattoos (unwashed hands have bacteria that could infect tattoo) 



Please read carefully and follow instructions very carefully. If you have any questions please text or call us at (408) 204-3526. Thank you once again for choosing us to do your tattoo! 

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